Square Peg in a Round World

This is my first post and no, it will not be a deep theological or political issue, but it is a bit “radical”.  I just want to get to know my readers and for them to get inside my head a little.  So, try this topic on for size:

Hey, what can I say….I guess I have never fit the mold of any particular group.  To make my point, let me give you the following examples:


First of all, I am an outgoing introvert (yes, there is such a thing).  I am more comfortable doing public speaking than I am talking one on one, yet I prefer a few close friends over a bunch of “acquaintances”.  I hate walking into a room full of people I know, but I love talking to strangers on an airplane or when I travel.  I love getting to know the housekeepers at motels and would much rather talk to them than the “famous” speakers at the conference that is my usual reason for the motel visit. 


I love music and theater, but don’t exactly fit in completely with the artsy lifestyle.  I am “ok” with athletics, but never aggressive enough.  I am not a tomboy and don’t enjoy camping, yet I love getting grubby and working in the dirt (I still love to wear earrings while I work). I am a free spirit who loves order. I like order and structure but need to “think outside the box”.  


I grew up on a farm, but hated farm life…yet  I am NOT a “city slicker” and I prefer the “country”.  I have lived in a small town, medium town, large town and a large city, but “I still can’t say that any one of them really made me jump up and down with joy.


  I grew up in a large family, but  I never wanted a large family, but I married someone that wanted 10 kids…now I can’t imagine my life without my 5 kids. I started having kids at age 23 when all of my friends were still single, so our friends were 30 something couples.  I am still having kids when all of my friends only have teenagers…so now I still don’t fit my age demographics.  I have had a C-section, natural birth, foreign adoption and domestic adoption.


I have taught in a public school, private school and I have homeschooled my kids. I have attended a public school and a private school as a student.   I am a strong advocate for women to devote their lives to their family by staying home full time, yet I have a college degree and am an intellectual. 


I am a Reformed Charismatic, which really confuses people.  I adhere to an absolute truth,  yet believe that the church needs to adapt its’ STYLE to speak to the culture without compromising the message (not always popular in the church).  I am a complimentarian (males are the leaders of the church and home; men should be the providers of the home.  I believe that wearing jeans to church and raising hands in worship is an awesome thing and should be embraced by the church, and stuffy religious services make me nauseous.  I believe that my  family is my most important ministry not “church functions”; I believe most ministry should be done as a Family and not necessarily in the 4 walls of the church.  I am not into the “churchy-churchy” lifestyle, even though I am a pastor’s wife.   I love “passionate” worship music that has substance, but I don’t really like hymns…I like the words, but hate the way that most churches sing them.

I have “grumbled” many times throughout my life because “I didn’t fit into a mold”, yet I finally have come to embrace my personality and gifts.  Because of my multi-layered personality, I have been able to relate to almost every demographic for some reason or another.  Many times I can understand what makes people “tick” if they too don’t fit a mold.  I tend to not tolerate people who thrive on being in a “clique”.  I tend to “march to the beat of my own drummer” and hate it when people play politics (ie. try to be all things to all people in order to gain favor or have people “like” you) 

Being a “square peg”  has enabled me to see through the flakiness of people and pursue relationships of depth.  I desire to deeply connect with the heart of people…square pegs long to be understood.  Square pegs are not “status quos”.  Square pegs see the world from a different perspective.  I love discovering other “square pegs”…especially children and young adults because they yearn to be understood and often feel they are walking alone.  So, if you are a square peg, let me know who you are and share your story. 

 So, three cheers for “square pegs”!  Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray….ok, that was corny….maybe it was something that a “square peg “would do! Ha!  It’s hip to be “square”.

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