Hollywood is NOT “Green”

One thing that utterly drives me crazy is “earth week”, because the people that are proclaiming this environmental week are so out of touch with what it really means to be “green”.  I believe that we are to be a good stewards of the earth and recycle and reuse whenever possible.  On the surface that is what “earth week people” would say too, but once you look deeper you will see they have no clue about what it means to be “green”. 

Let me give the following advice to Hollywood “green” people:

1. Only own ONE house….and preferablly a smaller home that uses less energy.

2. Don’t hire other people to do jobs around your house that you could do yourself (think of the gas it would save from having them “drive” to your home).

3.  Wear only USED clothes…trying shopping at THRIFT stores rather than buying new clothes. 

4.  Buy USED furniture; we will save items from going to the landfill.

5.  DON’T REMODEL your home for the sake of cosmetic changes…aren’t you just adding to the landfills?? 

6.  DON’T go on long distance VACATIONS…you’ll save gas.

7.  DON’T go out to eat; you’ll save gas and money.

8.  Take public transportation. 

9.  Don’t use haircolor or nail polish…don’t they pollute the water???

10.  Ugh….my last one is “controversial”…but is anyone else perplexed and frustrated by the “energy efficient” light bulbs?  They do NOT last like they say they do, they are twice as expensive AND…don’t they contain mercury?? (I’m not sure if they do but if so…that is very dangerous for the soil and water). 

Hey, I don’t always do all of the “enironmentally friendly” choices that I mentioned above.  But unlike the famous spokespeople, I am not advocating that we should all drive gazillion dollar hybrid cars, put $50,000 solar panels in our homes or to run out and buy all new appliances that are energy efficient.  I find it hilarious that Martha Stewart was showcasing “earth day” when she owns a bunch of homes that are most likely sitting empty and wasting resources.  If famous people want to be helpful to the earth they should “downsize” and stop wasting their money on useless items and traveling just to live a life of jet setting.

  I don’t have a problem with someone using their money for some luxuries…just please DON”T lecture me on being “green”.

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  1. Yes, the new light bulbs do contain mercury. It is highly likely that they break in landfills, releasing their mercury into the environment to contaminate our waters.

  2. i’ve been thinking the same thing! also those light bulbs come in the way larger then they need to be plastic packages that will be in the landfill forever instead of the little cardboard sleeve things the old ones came in that will decompose in a year.

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