Down With Prom

What is the purpose of prom?  I guess I am just saddened by the whole affair.  I know from my own high school days 20+ years ago what goes on….I guess I am skeptical that things have improved being how every decade the culture slips further into the darkness.

As an adult who is well aware of what goes on at your typical prom, I am now looking at the whole scenario from a wiser perspective.  I am deeply saddened by the whole concept. 

Before I address my concerns, let me tell you that I attended a public high school and 2 proms.  Both were a total waste of time.  I remember wearing a strapless pink dress that was SO not modest.  I attended the latter of my proms with a boy who wasn’t my boyfriend and was not an admirable young man.  I was a Christian and had no intention of dating him, but I still went forward with a sublte flirtatious attitude.  I was a born again Christian, I did not “party” and was a pretty straight laced girl, but I was far from being the Godly young woman that I knew I should be.  I repent of my folly and deeply desire my own children to live a more Godly life.  So far my teenagers are living far more Godly lives than I lived and I give credit to the grace of God and the wisdom of the Word of God that has pierced their hearts.

Here is what troubles me about prom:


99% of every girl attending prom is dressed immodestly.  Even the strongest of Christian young men could not possibly keep their eyes and heart pure the whole evening.  Women and girls just have no idea how difficult it is for men to not lust, so when we add enticing “eye candy” in front of them how are they supposed to not struggle? 


Let’s just assume that most proms are in a public school.  What is the tone of the music that is played?  It usually has a strong sexual undertone.  Even if you go with a “friend”, by the end of the evening either the boy or the girl are entertaining thoughts of  “what would it be like to kiss them?”  Now add in close dancing and the stage is being set for disaster.


My brother once told me, “nothing good happens after midnight.”  Why is it ok to stay up all night or at least come home at a late hour, when any other time of the year your average parent would never allow such a behavior?  If the stage has been set for disaster, then allowing after prom parties into the wee hours of the night is ludicrous.  Does everyone misbehave?  No, but even if you go home right after the dance, what has been gained by the evening?

When I try to bring my concerns to other Christian parents most of them look at me like I am a crazy mom.   I do find it funny that I posted my status on Facebook as “Down with Prom” and I heard a reply from a former high school aquaintance that is not a believer and is quite liberal.  He said, “you know what, I had the same problem last week..” 

If you are on the fence about this, just ask yourself, “would you wear these clothes to church, listen to the prom music in front of your parents or want your future mate to see a video of this evening?”  If you are still thinking I’m a bit extreme, then take a look at the book, “Every Man’s Battle” and read first hand accounts of real men who plead with other men and women to take the issue of lust seriously.

  As a Mom….. I say down with prom.

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  1. I am a 17 (almost 18) year old girl and I just graduated from homeschool high school. I agree 100% with what you just said.
    My mom and I went shopping for a “nice fancy dress” to wear to graduation and possibly a senior dinner afterward. We did not find one decent dress in any of the stores we looked in! Finally, we just settled for 3 1/2 yards of blue satin and a pattern. 🙂 The dress we made was better than any dress we had looked at.
    I don’t think you are being extreme at all. Those who think that dresses with no tops are all right don’t have their heads screwed on right. 🙂

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