Most Moms Would Die for Their Kids…Very Few Would LIVE For Them

Think about the proceeding statement.  I truly believe that most moms, even disfunctional moms, would risk their life to save their child.  Yet, I am finding it more and more difficult to find moms that are willing to LIVE for their kids. 

My heart is heavy and my spirit is weary.  I feel like the traditional role of mothering is under attack from the media, culture and even the church. Yes, I may come across a bit too fiesty.  I apologize.  I just feel under attack from so many corners.  I want to defend the concept of Biblical Motherhood. 

I have certainly had my moments of failure and have been selfish.  I have had to confess my sin to God and my family as I have felt the tug of the “world” on my heart from time to time. 

 Let us all use the following questions to assess our hearts:

How many moms are willing to put their own aspirations on hold to raise their kids?  How many moms are willing to adjust their schedules to accommodate their kids needs?  How many moms are willing to say no to endless activities, so they can spend more time as a family?  How many moms are willing to say no to certain TV shows, unhealthy friendships (even among Christian kids), and music that dishonors God?  How many moms are willing to “stop and smell the roses” with their children and relish in the moments of childhood?  How many moms are willing to say no to volunteering to impress their church or neighbors and spend more time discipling their own children in the Word?  How many moms are willing to spend time helping their kids memorize Bible verses just as passionately as they help them memorize States and Capitols?  How many moms are willing to discipline sinful attitudes rather than “look the other way”?  How many moms are willing to say no to immodest dress?  How many moms are willing to say no to dating to protect their child’s heart and body?  How many are willing to be the primary caretaker of their children rather than letting a daycare raise their child?

Most mothers today are more concerned about their own career, their own image, their own achievement, their own pocketbook, their own reputation, their own agenda…etc., and the women inside the church are  just as guilty as those outside the church. 

If you doubt me, look how quickly the Evangelicals supported and sang the praises of Sarah Palin.  Very few “Evangelical Christians” raised any concerns about her self-centered lifestyle and the lack of priority to her husband and children.   As for running for VP…what about the obvious knowledge that the media would devour her pregnant teen’s life if Sarah chose to run for VP?  There is no position in the world that would convince me to accept, if it meant that my daughter’s life would be torn apart.  The liberal media did not treat her fairly, and politically I would agree with her on most issues, however, her first priority needs to be to her 5 children and husband. 

 I was so elated to hear an Evangelical leader have the courage to speak out on this subject.  I truly admire Voddie Baucham for saying what many of us were thinking.  Please take the time to watch this interview he did with CNN on Sarah Palin on YouTube (click here).  Voddie preaches the Gospel to the culture and does not twist the Scripture to adapt to our own desires.  He’s one of the few public preachers in America that I admire.

I beseech the women and young ladies to embrace motherhood as a gift and treasure.  Time so quickly runs out and we will never get those moments back.  When all is said and done, WE (parents) will have to answer to God and give an account for how we raised our children, not the babysitter or relatives. That is truly a humbling thought to me.

How will we answer when the Lord asks us if we were faithful to present our children as living examples of  Jesus Christ?

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  1. A really wonderful post, deep. I found your blog from “Imperishable Beauty”, and although I am only 12, I appreaciate the wisdom this post contains.

    Also, my mother has a blog, and you might enjoy it, the url is



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