Farewell to my Son Sam

At the top of my list for “things I will never regret” I would have to list homeschooling my children to be in the top 5. What a privilege it has been to parent and teach my son Sam for the past 10 years.  Even if he moves half way around the world, I know I have spent more time with my son than most parents spend in a lifetime.  What a treasure it has been to be both his teacher and his mom.

Please indulge me for a moment as I share some final thoughts on his life.

The last 2 years of Sam’s high school years were spent attending college at our local community college in town. So, this past Wed. my 18 year old son Sam graduated from high school and received his AA degree on the same day.  He received a 3.9 GPA while attending the college.  I am thankful for God’s grace and provision, that I do not deserve, but are thankful for God’s gracious answers to my lifelong prayers.  

God has been faithful to answer my prayers concerning Sam.  I remember so well when I discovered I was pregnant with him.  I had yearned my whole life to be a mom.  While other young women around me were having dreams of a career, I was having dreams of being a mom.  I remember immediately following my discovery of being pregnant, I cried out to God while I was driving down the road in my car.  I pleaded with God to cause this child to serve Him and follow Him all the days of his life.  This pregnancy was a gift that I did not take for granted.

As Sam grew I noticed he had a very perceptive mind and tender heart.  He was the kind of boy that asked deep thoughtful questions.  He had a hunger to learn about Jesus and wanted to know Him in a mature manner that very few children possess.  When he was 3 he wanted to ask him to be his Savior.  I would doubt the understanding that most 3 year old kids would have, but with Sam I never doubted. 

As Sam went into his elementary years he continued to proclaim the name of Jesus through his passion of Creationism.  He knew every angle of the creation vs. evolution debate because he watched the “Back to Genesis” video series of lectures over and over.  He went to a public school for one year and I remember him coming home saying that the kids chased him around the playground calling him “Bible boy” because he would always say “that’s not what the Bible says” during class discussions.  I didn’t know if I should cry with agony over his pain, or shout with joy knowing that he was boldy proclaiming the truth.  Needless to say, we have homeschooled ever since.

Sam has continued to proclaim the truth, and knowing how he has struggled with shyness his whole life, I find this all to be amazing. Whatever he does, he does thoughtfully and diligently as unto the Lord and he rarely grumbles or complains.  No, he is not perfect. I’ll graciously leave out his faults at this time.  But…above all, he loves Jesus. 

Sam has big dreams.  He loves to write stories and write music and he is able to put great depth into his projects that stirs the soul.  I don’t know where life will take him, but as long as he loves Jesus, he will be a success. I love you my son.  You are a blessing to me and I thank God for allowing me to be your mom.

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  1. Sam is so amazing and I love him too. It will be hard to say goodbye to him but I know that it has to be done. Great post.

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