If you are looking for a blog that defines “radical womanhood” as being a career woman with 2.5 kids, living in the suburbs, spending only 2 hours a day with your family, running ragged to “activities”, spending money on unnecessary “toys”, driving a car you can’t afford and living in a house you rarely see…then this blog will either challenge you to rethink what it means to be a “radical woman” or it will frustrate you immensely.

I am a proud and passionate homeschooling mother to 5 wonderful children (ages 1-18) and 1 amazing husband!  I hope to shatter the stereotypes that the world may have about homeschooling families, Christians, larger families, among other things as I continue to publish my posts.  I definitely don’t fit into any one particular “group”.  I am bold about my beliefs, but tender with the weak and wounded.   

My purpose in creating this blog is to challenge women to rethink what it means to be a “radical” woman.  In a day and age where being radical is used synonymously with feminism I want to proclaim the oxymoron of those 2 words.  If you really want to be a radical woman then go against what society is claiming women should be and live a life that Glorifies our creator, in adherence to the Word of God…then you will be a radical woman.  The “norm” for women in our society is to seek to “have it all”…which is a destructive lie.  This lie is also part of the evangelical Christian movement.  In fact, my target audience are those that claim to be “Christians” yet have bought into the world’s way of thinking, only to find that they are NOT living lives that reflect the Glory of God. 

 I will do my best to be transparent about my own struggles and heartaches so that you will also know that I want to walk along side anyone who is hurting and seeking help and point them toward the cross.

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